humbled by nature




For hundreds of thousands of years humans were living in harmony with nature. Today we are exhausting our planet's natural capacity to regenerate itself at a unprecedented rate. We currently consume the equivalent of 1.7 earths a year. As a result we are seeing severe impacts in the form of longer draughts, harsher storms, collapsing fisheries, worsening cropland productivity, falling water tables and increasing species extinction.

The outlook is even more daunting. By 2030, 8.5 billion people will be living on this planet. Furthermore an unprecedented 65% of the population will be reaching the middle class status, which will intensify the exponential explosion of our global consumption. Without a fundamental change, future generations will experience the harshest environment humans will have ever lived in.  

The root of the problem is the disconnection between humans and nature. In recent years we have started to reflect on this problem, yet we still struggle to change our behavior. We don’t necessarily know what to do and how to behave differently. We are somewhat skeptical that small individual actions can make a real difference. Even though there are thousands of solutions out there, we don't know how to find them. Most importantly, we are so caught up in their unsustainable habits that making any change by ourselves can be very difficult.

We believe that humans can be reconnected to the natural world and achieve the necessary behavior change by replacing their old unsustainable habits with eco-friendly ones.


"By felling the trees, men in all climates seem to bring upon future generations two calamities at once; want of fuel and a scarcity of water."

    Alexander von Humboldt, 1852

  Alexander von Humboldt, 1852